Critical Care

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham has the largest single-floor Critical Care Department in Europe.

For many patients at QEHB, particularly those who have suffered major head trauma, the transfer to Radiology is not without risk. These patients need to be disconnected from the ventilator and bedside monitoring, laid flat and then transported 2 floors down for the scan. When the scan is complete, the process happens in reverse.

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From Scanners to Support: QEHB Charity Makes a Difference in Critical Care

QEHB Charity funded a portable CT Scanner for approximately 150 patients a year needing crucial treatment to reach them sooner, not only potentially saving their lives, but improving their quality of life post-injury as head injuries can cause life-long disability if the brain sustains permanent damage.

QEHB Charity also funds other items to help patients on the wards including bedside TVs, games that help motor skills and ceiling projectors for those who need to lie on their backs.

For patients and their families, being on the Critical Care Ward can be an anxious period, which is why QEHB Charity does all it can to make their time there as comfortable and supportive as possible.