We support patients, families & staff

Being in hospital can be really hard physically and emotionally. This is why we as a charity want to do all we can to make our patients and their families feel as supported as possible during their treatment.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity, Heartlands Hospital Charity, Good Hope Hospital Charity, and Solihull Hospital Charity are all under the umbrella of University Hospitals Birmingham Charity.

Each hospital Charity supports the patients, families and staff at the site by providing those added extras that are "over and above" what the NHS can fund.

Find out more about each of the hospital Charities below, what they are fundraising for and how you can help.

Make an impact today

A Beacon of Hope: How Your Action Transforms Lives

Imagine the feeling of helplessness when facing a life-threatening illness. Now, imagine a light cutting through that darkness – offering better care and stronger support. That's the power of your contribution to our cause.

Every donation fuels our mission of transforming lives through action. It directly enhances the quality of care and support available to patients battling cancer, rare diseases, and previously inoperable brain tumours. We have a wide range of appeals that can address these critical needs.

Donate today and join the movement that transforms lives!

Our Hospital Charities

Each charity focuses on their specific hospital, going above and beyond what the NHS funds to improve the patient and family experience.

QE Hospital Charity


Heartlands Hospital Charity


Good Hope Hospital Charity


Solihull Hospital Charity

How can I donate to UHB Charity?

There are a number of ways to donate. You can send a cheque to the address below, donate online or call us on 0121 371 4852.

You can also visit us too, but please call to arrange.

UHB Charity
Fisher House, Mindelsohn Way, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, B15 2GN.

Can I donate specifically to a particular ward or department at the hospital?

Yes, we have internal restricted funds for all the major areas of the hospitals.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid increases the amount of your donation without costing you a single penny. Using gift aid means that we can reclaim tax on donations made by UK tax payers. This means that HMRC will add an extra 25p to every pound you donate, at no extra cost to you!

So, if you were to make a £100 donation to UHB Charity, we would actually be able to receive £125, meaning your donation can stretch even further.

If you have any questions about gift aid please contact the charity team on 0121 371 4852.

Who do I make cheques payable to?

UHB Charity followed by the area you want to support in brackets - e.g. "UHB Charity (CyberKnife)"

Can someone from the hospital charity attend my event?

Yes, please get in touch with team to discuss a member of staff or representative coming along on the day.

Email charities@uhb.nhs.uk or call 0121 371 4852