Mobile Dental Unit

The Mobile Dental Unit is a vital service we have funded to change the way that children view the dentist, making it less daunting and scary whilst significantly improving their oral hygiene for the future.

The Solihull Hospital Community Dentists currently visit schools around the Solihull borough to ensure that children with the highest levels of tooth decay and the lowest attendance rates with local dentists still receive the best dental care possible.

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Dental support for the community

Solihull Hospital Charity set up the Mobile Dental Unit to offer dental advice, examinations and treatments for children at primary schools in the most deprived areas in the Solihull borough. The unit has been designed to fit the needs of many children such as children with learning difficulties as well as being wheelchair friendly.

With the help of your donations, the Solihull Hospital Community Dentists will have access to specialised equipment that suits the needs of their younger patients. It will enable children, especially those with complex needs, to be treated as comfortably and as smoothly as possible. This will help to improve the oral health of children across the area and reduce their anxieties around dental health for the rest of their lives.

Help us put a smile on these children's faces by donating today.