Refurbish Waiting Rooms Throughout The QEHB

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) Charity is spearheading the initiative to refurbish the hospital's 23 waiting rooms. They aim to create more inviting spaces for patients' families and visitors.

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Easing Anxiety

Brighter Waiting Rooms to Support Patients and Families

QEHB Charity has launched a fundraising appeal, aiming to raise £100,000 to refurbish the hospital's waiting rooms. Currently, these spaces are described as unwelcoming, dull, and clinical. The goal is to transform them into brighter, more comfortable, and welcoming environments. One waiting room on Ward 411 has already been successfully refurbished, thanks to support from The Giles' Trust.

The motivation behind this initiative is to alleviate the discomfort experienced by individuals waiting for their loved ones during stressful times like surgeries or treatments. With over a million patients visiting QEHB annually, the waiting rooms are frequently utilised, making their enhancement vital in improving the overall hospital experience for patients and their families.

The refurbishment of each waiting room costs £4,500. The charity is seeking support from both individuals and organisations to sponsor the refurbishment of these spaces. The renovated waiting rooms will not only benefit patients and their families but also serve as comforting spaces for hospital staff aiding in patient recovery. The goal is to create inviting areas where individuals can relax, socialise, and find respite away from hospital beds. Organisations such as The Giles' Trust have already contributed, and others are encouraged to participate to make these waiting rooms bright and inviting.

Gratitude is extended to the generous organizations that have already supported the waiting room appeal. For those interested in contributing or sponsoring a waiting room refurbishment, contact or make a donation.