Transplant Patients

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham is the most active transplant centre in Europe with world-leading surgeons and cutting-edge equipment, but we want to take that further.

Birmingham carries out all the major organ transplants - heart, lung, liver and kidney. Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charity is raising £4M to develop a new Transplant Centre for patients going through life-saving treatment at the QE.

It will be known as the ‘Edmonds Transplant Centre’, which will become a national centre of excellence for organ transplantation. It will further cement Birmingham’s reputation as a leader in transplantation.

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It is incredibly important to support our patients on this life-changing journey and make this transition as easy as possible for them and their families. The ability to enhance patient experience by bringing this new centre to Birmingham will enable patients to focus on themselves and ensure they are in the best position possible to make the surgery a success and then focus on their recovery.

The Centre will allow patients to visit just one area of the hospital, bringing all the specialist care to them, including pre-transplant consultations, additional fitness classes before surgery - this has been proven to increase the likelihood of a successful transplant, patient support groups, and rehabilitation classes after surgery. It will also be home to world leading surgeons and researchers who are at the forefront of research and technology extending the success of transplantation.

We couldn't create the Edmonds Transplant Centre if it wasn't for the generous donations of our wonderful supporters. You can help us today by donating.

Edmonds Transplant Centre

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity has launched a brand-new £4 million fundraising appeal to create the Birmingham Transplant Centre.

Work has begun on the new ‘Edmonds Transplant Centre’, which will become a national centre of excellence for organ transplantation in Birmingham, and will be funded by QEHB Charity. It will put patient care at the forefront of transplantation and will create a “one stop shop” for patients undergoing organ transplants.

The Ann Fox Foundation

The Ann Fox Foundation supports liver transplant patients and their families, in memory of Ann Fox, a liver transplant recipient from the Isle of Man.

Thanks to the donations raised by The Ann Fox Foundation, in 2019 the Queen Elizabeth Hospital was able to purchase an Organox machine which can increase the numbers of livers suitable for transplants by keeping blood and oxygen pumping through them even after donation.

Heart In A Box

Thanks to the amazing support of hundreds of fundraisers, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity, with the support of Heart Research UK, funded the incredible Heart in a Box machine to save patients' lives at the QE.

Heart in a Box keeps a donated heart beating, outside of the body, which helps to keep the heart in a better condition for longer, increasing the length of time that surgeons have to perform the transplant. Doctors estimate that this can help to increase the number of heart transplants taking place at the hospital by up to 50%.

Kidney Research - Win Sabapathy Foundation

Funding world class research into kidney disease, kidney transplants and longevity, working with doctors, nurses and researchers at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham;

The Win Sabapathy Foundation for Kidney Research was set up in memory of Win Sabapathy to raise money and awareness for kidney research.