Home Away From Home

The hospital Charity's Home away from Home Appeal helps to provide free accommodation near our hospitals, keeping families close during difficult times.

From our military haven, Fisher House, to homes near QE and Heartlands Hospitals, we reduce stress and ease the burden for families.

Your donations help fund this vital support, offering comfort and peace when needed most, keeping families together during what can be weeks of treatment.

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QE Home Away From Home

Our Home away from Home supports families from across the country who are desperate to be near their loved ones while they are having life-saving treatment at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

We have several homes available within a 5-minute walk of the hospital to offer patients and their families free accommodation and parking to take all those stresses away, allowing them to focus on their treatment and care.

Heartlands Home Away From Home

It can be a traumatic time for parents whose babies need urgent care because they are sick or born prematurely.

Having a place to stay within two minutes of the Neonatal ward takes the stress away and means they can be with their loved ones all hours of the day. It makes it easier for mum’s needing to breastfeed and parents doing skin to skin, which is so important for baby’s development helping them get better quicker and bond with their mum and dad.

Fisher House

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham is the receiving hospital for injured military personnel from home and abroad.

Fisher House UK was built to support those military patients and their families when they need us most.

The 18-bedroom home, offers injured military personnel and their family a free home away from home so they can be close to their loved ones while they're being treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.