Children And Babies

Being in hospital can be scary, especially for children, which is why we want to make the experience as relaxing as possible to create a brighter experience for young patients and their families.

We transform hospital wards into welcoming spaces, provide essential equipment for newborns, support children with cancer, and even fund a mobile dental unit to improve children's oral health. With your help, we can continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of thousands of children every year.

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Children and Young People

To help our young patients when they arrive at our Children's Units we want to make them feel as relaxed as possible. This not only helps the children but the family and staff as well.

We decorate our Children's Wards and Departments with bright, colourful walls and supply toys for them to play with. It's thanks to our wonderful donors and fundraisers, that we have been able to transform the cold clinical wards into welcoming environments for the 120,000 young patients we see every year.

Newborns In Need

Each year we care for thousands of babies some of whom are born up to four months early and weigh as little as one pound.

An average of one in ten newborn babies need the support of the neonatal units across Good Hope and Heartlands. The unit also takes babies from across the whole region. The Neonatal Unit provides 24-hour care using dedicated breathing machines, incubators and state-of-the-art monitoring machines.

Supporting Children With Cancer

It can be a worrying time for anyone going through cancer let alone a child; that’s why we are determined to make the treatment journey for these mini superheroes as easy as possible.

Every year, nearly 100 children are treated for cancer at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. Each child goes through an average of 30 treatments, so to prepare them, we provide them with a miniature building block set of a radiotherapy machine, CT / MRI scanner to help them understand the process making it less likely they’ll need anaesthetics.

Mobile Dental Unit

The Mobile Dental Unit is a vital service we have funded to change the way that children view the dentist, making it less daunting and scary whilst significantly improving their oral hygiene for the future.

The Solihull Hospital Community Dentists currently visit schools around the Solihull borough to ensure that children with the highest levels of tooth decay and the lowest attendance rates with local dentists still receive the best dental care possible.